2015 Submissions

Gaur Plain Jazz voice Video Game Voice
Masahiro Sakurai's Penis Comedy Voice
Leon Kennedy voice demo Experimental Voice
A Wegra Original Miscellaneous Voice
Mega Man chosen theme Video Game Voice
You are Mega Gay Video Game Loop
Gay DrWily Butthole stage Video Game Song
Wegra Sings Narutoe Experimental Song
Coldsteel the Hedgeheg Miscellaneous Voice
Alex the Hedgehog Experimental Voice
Poopy and Clean Kingdom Hearts Video Game Song
Trouble (Taylor Swift Cover) Pop Song
Scream for my buttcream BOTDF Miscellaneous Song
Bring me to life cover General Rock Song
Singin the Imperial March Cinematic Loop
Gotta Go Poopy Fast Video Game Song
Poopy Park Crawling In My Skin Heavy Metal Loop
Snake Codec Kyo Kusanagi Experimental Voice
Lord Raptor voice demo Experimental Voice
Poopy Hill Zone Video Game Song
Oppa Wegra Style! Miscellaneous Song