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Jesus fucking christ I dont know how I survived that one. But I guess having 2 15 minute and 1 30 minute breaks helped a lot. Still though it was hell what with Thanksgiving. I hope to never go through that kind of shit again

My name is Wegra

2017-11-15 22:15:23 by Wegra

Got that memorized? 

Went to an Xbox ONE launch party

2017-11-10 13:03:40 by Wegra

Well sadly I couldn't afford one but it was fun as hell. Got to see that girl I like while I was at it. Otherwise I pretty much just used the headphones at the Microsoft store and listen to OSTs and shit 




So How was everyones Halloween?

2017-11-02 14:07:12 by Wegra

Got to dress up as Kyo and went got to enter my costume contest at work. I also got a drink afterwards and hit it up with these girls who recognized my costume. What about you guys?

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I got me a date!

2017-10-22 12:27:49 by Wegra

Well more of a hangout but to me I guess that's the closest thing I can get. But yeah yay for me

Surprsingly it wasn't half bad it was a small crowd and no one was yelling the whole way through compared to a typical Smash tournament. So I'm kinda happy I went. I also might be scoring a date with the chick who was hosting the thing if I play my cards right

Here we go off the rails

2017-10-19 12:10:33 by Wegra

Don't you know its time to raise our sails? It's Freedom like you never knew

Fuck you Rick&Morty fandom

2017-10-16 10:46:20 by Wegra

And your stupid ass sauce too. 



That is all for today

Any Halloween plans?

2017-10-12 14:38:36 by Wegra

Plan on dressing up as Kyo Kusanagi from the King of Fighters what about you?