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Posted by Wegra - October 19th, 2007

So theres a girl at my school And she's hot. And keeps calling me boyfriend. I called Her Amy rose because she reminded me of Amy. When I got home I took some stuff. But this makes sense but something also made me write something just now as we were thinking of that hot girl. Unfortunately the Tails Doll ate her. So I used the master sword and then we had some ice cream. But was there sex? Maybe. I can't make sense today because kisame watched family guy. John12346 was playing Wii, Madvideogamer? Well he had to throw lasagna at old people. So then Robot Jones walked up to me and said. "Hello There fellow Student Unit" And then I replied " Shut the fuck up Robot no one watches your piece of shit show. Then he went emo and shot himself. After that Mario, Tom and I took out the trash and went home. And thats why kids you should'nt do drugs. Have a nice day everyone!

Heres something that makes no sense.

Posted by Wegra - October 17th, 2007

Yesterday was one of the best posts ever. So with that said all of the mario games should be put into one big pile. Then we can make a little swimming pool along the games times. also what is 4+a a=2
the answer is 6. thats right 6. That makes me smart. so now we can all agree that Wade was planning an evil scheme to push me off a cliff. then when the cost is clear we jump on the giant octorock allowing me to distract everyone. good night and eat.

Posted by Wegra - October 16th, 2007

The Tails doll was used in a game to creep out little kids. But nowadays the Tails doll used a dvd to hack onto newgrounds with A really fucking Creepy Tails doll and a fucking scary scream- wait a minute what the fuck does that have to do with anything. Seirously I found the two telephones to connect to the pool table and do some kareoke. So as I was saying the Tails Doll ate some people and then it went trick or treating and gave everyone hugs and kisses and then he went down to me and started jumping on me like a trampoline. Then the Tails doll turned evil and Kisame, Tom Fulp, Wario, Amy, Wade and John12346 attacked all of them. Luckily For wade He used his Camera And said "Oh Snap A Tails Doll" and then the doll died he begged for mercy and we all became friends and lived happily ever after
The end... Or is it?

Heres something that makes no sense

Posted by Wegra - October 15th, 2007

Well It's been a while since my last Heres something that makes no sense. But today I want you to take a sleepy sheep and use it to grow your penis 20 times bigger. I gaurentee there will be a change in your behaviour at school the next day. Also don't forget that the newgrounds ruffians will be taking your soup as well as metal sonics amy porn. He really wasn't that nice. I also want to add if you see this man kick him in the nuts for me. Good night everyone!

Heres something that makes no sense.

Posted by Wegra - October 10th, 2007


Posted by Wegra - October 9th, 2007

It is 6:36 in the morning as I'm typing this. You know I should be getting ready for school but I figured why not? But be careful of the evil cheese festival starting today at the time of godzillas hands. He also found a way to get the twinkee on the other side. So yeah I gotta go. Bye tins and cans!

Posted by Wegra - October 8th, 2007

This is a story about Cream the Rabbit. \

This is Cream. She is very sad. She walked in on Dr.Eggman Raping her mom. She went to go see Knuckles. " Oh Knuckles my Mommy is being raped please help me!" Knuckles replied " She is? Well what do you want me to do?" " I dunno beat Eggman up" " Sorry but I gotta gaurd the- Hey whered the M.E. Go?" Oh fuck Rouge Probably took it. Gotta go!" " She tried to tell Tails but he said " Sorry Cream but I gotta recover from these bullet wounds" So she told vector she told him the story and he said " I'LL KILL THE EGGFUCK" And so Vector beat the shit out of eggman And Cream's mom got married to Vector and they all lived happily ever after.

The End.

Sonic Storys #2

Posted by Wegra - October 7th, 2007

Good evening. Today were going to do something different. every once in a while I will do a sonic story. Today we will be talking about the pscotic pink hedgehog known as Amy Rose. She has tried to get fucked by sonic. Unfortunatley for her She walked in on Sonic having sex with Tails. She then went to Creams house and said " Oh Cream why doesn't sonic like me" Cream replied "because your a crazy bitch. So are you hot" And they proceeded to have lesbein sex. Cheese decided to get a camera and post there hot furry sex on the internet. A couple of days Later Dr.Eggman typed in Amy rose on google and found there sex tape. He then became a pron director. Then Sonic saw the video Shot tails and had sex with Amy, Get maried and lived happily ever after. :) Awwwww.

The end.

Sonic storys #1

Posted by Wegra - October 6th, 2007

Why eat pie when you can fly?

The frist ever heres something that makes no sense. No Seriously this was before kisame. k too

Posted by Wegra - October 5th, 2007

So every day in my algebra class theres a guy who likes pie everyday. So then the teacher hits the desk with a ruler. Then I went to kisames house to save the world from an evil penis monster. And then afterwords we compared Penises. Mine ate too much love but then we got the 7 chaos emeralds and kicked Bowser&Eggmans Ass. So we kjhfisajoighhgoihghhhgietoihgoiihghige wrkickedintheasseiio
ladsihmarioluigialienhominidtomfulppen iswadefulppoopoopooyoucantreadthis. And thats why you should'nt do drugs. Goodnight everybody and kisame Post something longer this time like don't give me a short reply okay. because Frost and everyone else will eat the cake from the store to penis monster and then we go to play mario and then agggggggh. k bye

Heres something that makes no sense