Entry #807


2013-08-25 03:56:04 by Wegra

What am I doing with my life?


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2013-08-25 04:05:19

i don't have one. it's great


2013-08-25 06:34:11

(Spoken in baritone.)

If you have a job, work.
If you have school, your dreams die.
If you wake up and say, I want to be this.
If you look in a mirror, tell yourself to listen.
If you feel the need to sleep, sleep with open eyes.
If you think, think positively about the sun.
If you swear, swear in Ebonics.

What I'm trying to say is, if you are feeling down, with nothing on your mind; just sitting in a empty room with no windows and are constantly trying to figure out how to pair a square with a triangle together. than my friend, I'm with you one-hundred percent. I have no life... T-T


2013-08-25 08:26:32

life ? i don't know that server O.o


2013-08-25 18:57:07

I dunno. I guess, making movies and stuff?


2013-08-26 00:59:52

You're living your life on Newgrounds, just like the rest of us active users.