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So summer is coming to a close

2017-08-21 19:59:56 by Wegra

Gotta say this was an improvement over last year. Last year all I did was work my ass off with barely any time to myself to do anything fun. This year I got to go to the beach, a broadway play, play plenty of new and cool games, hang around here more often. So yeah thank god this year didnt suck. How about you? 


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2017-08-21 20:51:53

Oh sweet, m8. I actually didn't mind working half the summer. The other half was a bit unproductive.


2017-08-22 18:25:14

good for you, man!

as for me, it was a good summer as well: i worked for some time, but i also went to the beach, i saw many cool movies, and i read some nice books.

also, i participated in clockday with 2 movies.
nice stuff.