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Been working too damn much

2017-05-16 01:02:06 by Wegra

God damn working near 40 hours sucks ass et me tell ya

God dammit I lost a fan

2017-05-13 15:09:38 by Wegra

Now I'm at 199 fans. Oh well I'll get it back eventually. 



Anyway I got to go to work see ya

Went to a comedy show last night.

2017-05-07 14:02:42 by Wegra

Went to see Dan Soder. He was alright but I think the other guys were better. For some reason every time I go to a comedy show I tend to forget a lot of things


2017-05-05 20:04:33 by Wegra

Lol all it took was one newspost and now I'm at 200! May not be a lot but still not bad

Holy shit I'm almost at 200 fans

2017-05-05 00:23:59 by Wegra

Cant believe I made it that high

Happy Pico Day 2017!

2017-05-01 00:07:12 by Wegra

Its a bit late but still I had fun today. The stream was good and everything. Wish I didnt have work but oh well. 



See you next year!

I made User of the Day today!

2017-04-29 23:07:23 by Wegra

1488519_149352176553_n.jpgYeah sorry I didn't make this post sooner. But I was busy with work and all that. But yeah I'd like to thank everyone on Newgrounds who made this happen....or rather just the fact I got randomly chosen. I almost thought like I missed my oppurtunity to see it long ago in the 14 or so years I've been on this site. 




On my resume

2017-04-26 16:28:27 by Wegra

I want to put that I am a high quality shitposter

The Original Angry React

2017-04-24 01:02:29 by Wegra

Newgrounds did it first

Till I get allergies